When we decided in 2018 to go to India for an Ayurvedic cure we wished to find a place with traditional and authentic Ayurveda doctors. Luckily we found Dr. Gopika and his family in Geethanjali. Right from the beginning we were pleased by the atmosphere of friendliness and kindness by everyone. We not only appreciated Dr. Gopikas long experience in this ancient and still modern Ayurveda health system, but fully trusted him in the way of treatments. He knew what was the best for us. We are deeply greatful for what has been given to us: excellent treatments, delicious meals, and being so well cared for and looked after by so many people. We enjoyed also the daily yoga praxis, morning and afternoon. Thank you Dr. Gopika and your family for so much help and kindness in every way. We also thank the whole staff especially for the massages we enjoyed so much. Thanks for the attention we got from all of you. Good bye Geethanjali – we hope to come again!

B. and W. from Germany 2019


Thank you very much for the wonderful Ayurveda treatment, which let me feel like new-born and so relaxed, combined with delicate food and yoga which helped me mentally and to gain more flexibility. The super team, smiling and taking care of me, spoiled me. I hope to be able to come again.

L. from Germany 2019 


When J. and L. decided to go to India again for their magic treatments, S. and I immediately took the chance to follow them. We inhaled and exhaled a lot at the yoga sessions and at the end we were totally relaxed. We ate a lot of food with a lot of confidence, because often we didn´t know what we are eating. We took also a lot of medicine – nearly without complaining ;-). We were respectful treated from the fabulous girls. We loved to be spoiled by everyone and we will miss the people and the place. The experience we will keep in our minds.

S. and L. and S. and J. from Switzerland 2019  

Thank you so much for the care and concern. I’am feeling much better – mentally and physically. So much of visible and invisible work and effort went into making my stay super comfortable. Therapists and nurses are very skilled and their care for the patient was evident in their touch. The yoga teachers sessions with Asanas, Pranayamas and Yoga philosophy – have made me get back to yoga again. Thanks to everyone really.

U. from Singapore 2018 

This was an extraordinary challenge and experience for both of us. Three weeks in a very personal Ayurveda and Yoga and Meditation cure for refreshing of our body, mind and soul after years of unrest, brought both of us back to level with full uninterrupted sleep and well-feeling and being.

Thank you so much! We will be back for refreshment in due time. Very good luck and success for all your efforts.

D. and K. from South Africa 2018 

It has been a wonderful stay!!! Thank you all, the doctor's and the whole team! I have really appreciated being massaged and washed everyday with so much kindness! I feel now totally relaxed with a new body ready to go back to "Normal life" with some adjustments. Again a warm thank you! I wish all happiness, love and health. S.

Dear Yvonne, indeed, I am back home and to work! I have really enjoyed my cure in Geethanjali. The whole team was so kind to me ensuring I have the most enjoyable experience. It was as if I was becoming again a baby. I will never forget it and now my objective is really to keep this peaceful state as long as possible. Warm regards.

S. from Paris - France - 2018 

To Dr. Gopika and the Geethanjali family, thank you so much for the loving care given during my stay here. The spartan yet simple surroundings round me of everything that is sufficient in this life time. The professional treatment, gentle hospitality and attentive focus on our health and comfort speak volumes of your dedication to each patient and our needs. May our good Lord continue to bless your household abundantly and reward you with warm relationships, great health and an ever shining mission to live for all the drop of your life.

E. from Singapore 2018  

Many thanks to Dr. Gopika and Dr. Malu for a lovely Ayurvedic therapy. Really appreciate the wonderful therapists Mrs. Sreeja, Mrs. Sumangaladevi and Mrs. Amrutham. Enjoyed all the treatments they gave me. It’s been an absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating time for me and I will try my best to heed Dr. Gopikas advice to constantly enhance my wellbeing. Also thanks to Mrs. Lathakumary and nurse Saranya! Wishing the Geethanjali family and staff great health and joy. Lots of Love,

ML from Singapore - 2018 

We want to express our gratitude to you and your valuable team we have spent three wonderful weeks in your home. Weeks in which your medicine and the proper treatments with massage and yoga sessions have improved our health and brought our bodies in the right balance again. We wish you a robust health and the required endurance in order to help a lot of patients to achieve their lost but indispensable health again. God bless you and your family. We will see us again in two years (August 2020). With sincere respect.

M. and G. from Germany – 2018  

Thank you for all your care, you given to us. The wonderful treatments, the super kitchen and in the smiling and friendly way to make our live in Geethanjali so pleasant. We will miss you all and hope you have a good life. We hope we can take the good impulses in our normal life. Thanks for all the interesting talks and sharing of personal experiences which helps to understand ourselves better. We enjoyed it to be with you all here and take you in our hearts home to cold Germany

M. and T. from Germany – 2018 

Many thanks for the wonderful stay in the Geethanjali. We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere the caring staff always reminding us that it is time for medicine, treatment, breakfast, tea a.s.o. Now when we leave we wonder if we shall be able to act without that a friendly person is coming to remind us what to do....ha....ha....ha... After many treatments we already enjoyed in Kerala here we found the most competent, lovely and attached therapists. The kitchen was always in time and food very good. We appreciated also the good tea with the Indian biscuits. Last but not least Dr. Malu and Dr. Gopika contributed that our pulse i.e. all doshas came again into balance, that our pains melted during the night and that we could sleep well again. We hope the improvements will stay for a long time and we thank you from all of our heart for all you did for us. We wish the Geethanjali a prosperous future so that we can come again.

H. and M. from Germany – 2018  

EAT: one of the very first things I was told about this cure is about the delicious food...Delightful in deed! I have liked every bit of it. A big "thank you" to the cooks who worked hard for us! And to Anitha and Latha who served us no matter what with smile.

PRAY: morning and afternoon yoga sessions went smoothly experimenting 2 yoga teachers during my stay and different health conditions amongst guests. I always practiced as a beginner as the teachings ask us, sometimes as a seasoned practitioner when I was alone.

LOVE: last but not least, I have experienced the loving care of the doctors and the therapists here. Being massaged and washed every single day brought me something I was not expecting. The care and love I used to receive as a baby 45 years ago. Blissful!

S. from Paris – France - 2018 

Dr. Gopika and all the team thanks a lot for everything! It was a very beautiful moment for me. Some of my pains are reduced and I am feeling better inside me. I understood that the complete benefits will arrive during the next months. Today it is already nice even if I am very tired sometimes! All people are very fine and so attentive to us. It is a pleasure to be here with them.

F. from Paris – France – 2018  

Thank you for three weeks deep cleansing of body and mind. I have lived through out many ups and downs during this time. For that I would like to say thank to Dr. Gopika and Dr. Malu. I always felt very well looked after. The yoga classes every morning and evening (in the company of mosquitos) were a big part of the cure for me. Not to mention a big thank you to the medical girls, the very loving massages and the herbal mixtures. Likewise thanks to the excellently prepared food and all the other people from Geethanjali team. I am very thankful that I was able to experience this time here. Thanks a lot. 

B. from Germany - 2017  

Dear Dr. Gopika, Dr. Malu and Dr. Manish and dear Geethanjali team. We spent a wonderful relaxing time in your beautiful house. We enjoyed the treatments with oil, milk, fine herbals and rice bundles every day. We would like to thank Dr. Chaithanya for yoga lessons in the morning and afternoon. The exercises with breathing are very helpful to balance body and mind. Thanks for preparing delicious meals! A special highlight was the possibility to attend on the closing event of 22 IFFK to see the film 'Wajib "an lovely and thoughtful film. Thanks a lot. We wish you happiness and all the best for the future.

I. & R. from Switzerland - 2017 

Thank you to all especially to Dr. Sir, Dr. Malavika, Dr. Chaithanya, and the beloved team Shyama, Jincy, Sayana, Sumgangala aunt. Thank you again for helping me in my back pain and for strengthening my mind by giving valuable advises and so on. Thank you again and again for cleaning my room properly (Shajeera) for serving foods (Anaswara chechi) for giving me yummy curries, food, juices and all. You all are very friendly and supportive and so on. Words are not enough to express my wholeheartedly thanks to you. May Allah Subhan ahu ua tha ala bless you for your kindness to your patients.

S. from Trivandrum – 2017  

After little more than 3 years I am here again. Some changes, but first of all is that Geetha is no more with us… I am impressed of the family power, how they manage to run the Geethanjali without her. It is the wisdom and experience of Dr. Gopika, the patience, knowledge and involvement of Dr. Malu & Dr. Manish. I wish that the family will run the Geethanjali in future, with contributes to the changing times, but in the same spirit. I like to come again!

A. from Germany - 2017 

I want to say thank you whole heatedly for this unforgettable 3 weeks in India. First for the consultations with Dr. Gopika full of empathy and patience, than to Malu, who was always so loving and helpful, third to the great treatments, perfectly done in the original Ayurveda tradition. Great thank as well to the super alternately and relaxing yoga lessons, to all the nice girls, always smiling and loving and for the good tasting meals, specially the sweet fruits. Sometimes I felt a bit lonely, because I was the only guest during Monsoon time. But now I won´t miss all the many interesting experiences with all the smiling, always friendly Indian people, especially the children with her shining eyes. Now I travel back to Germany and I feel more healthy, powerful and happy in my body and mind!

G. from Germany – 2017 

I had a great experience here in Geethanjali. I want to thank the family and also all the staff for giving me the treatments in such a friendly atmosphere. I wish to all of you all the best.

G. from Italy – 2017   

It was a wonderful uplifting experience with you and your whole unit. Geethanjali is like a lighthouse: shining in all directions. “Man know yourself” was written above the old Greek temples and the path of healing is part of it. I wish to all of you all the best.

D. from Germany – 2017 

Coming from Iceland I totally agree with the lighthouse picture of my friend D. J It was a beautiful time relaxing body and mind. Thank you that we can experience your family Ayurveda center.

M. from Iceland – 2017  

I am thankful for being here. It was a wonderful time. I have a good feeling in all my body. After 6 years I came back here. I hope I will come again. Thank you for all your love and kindness. The team is great. All the people in this house are lovely, helpful and careful. Thank you for all your goodness for all your love. Wishing you all the best, beloved a healthy and happy life!!!

K. from Germany – 2017  

We both thank you all so much for your careful and kind treatments, services, warm and helping hands, hospitality, lovely food, “healthy medicine” J Joy and happiness shared with us during our 3 weeks stay here. We enjoyed and appreciated everything so much and really felt like a part of your “lovely family”. We will miss you!!!

H. & H. from Germany – 2017

I came here to re-energize my body & mind and get rid of some pains – which have been achieved in the 3 weeks! I experienced Geethanjali as a safe, peaceful & cozy island on which whatever possible was made to accommodate the utmost level of recovery – during “hot” April (hot at least from a European perspective!). A deep thank you for the full service care taking to Dr. Gopika and his family, Dr. Kirshna & the team, the profound diagnoses & daily checks, the customized treatments in specific sequence accords to my necessities, the tasty food & rape fruits (I miss it already now), the dedicated caretaking  from early morning to evening. Now the task is with me to take it to normal life home. Thank you for the opportunity to dive a bit into cultural aspects, e.g. the temple, the Kathakali, the surprise on special Vishu-Day. The inspiring insights have been very helpful to grasp a bit the deeper meaning.

E. from Germany – 2016

I am grateful to experience a marvelous, relaxing and peaceful time here in the Geethanjali. The stay will be unforgettable and the positive spirit will last in my heart. Thanks to all so much.

B. from Germany – 2016   

It was a good experience with you and your whole unit. I was really overwhelmed with the treatment I received from you and the staff members. I came here with pain, but leaving here joyfully with a lot of relief.

A. from Trivandrum - 2016 

We´re second time here for treatment. Our stay here was very pleasant and relaxing. Excellent treatment, very helpful & punctual staff. Food served here was also very good. In general a very supportive atmosphere. Missed Geetha mam a lot. Prayers for her soul to rest in peace. Special thanks to Dr. Ramanan, his daughter, Dr. Malavika and Dr. Krishna. Thanks to the whole staff & good luck for the whole family & staff over here.

A. from Trivandrum – 2016  

„A Word to say“ - „Excellent is rare and not abundant”. This very verbatim suits Geethanjali Madom, Ayurvedic healing centre, well indeed Doctor Gopikaremanan´s expertised diagnostic skill and his noble heritage from his paternal hierarchy, the very late father Lekshmanan Vaidyan obtained as a bliss which few others can claim might have put this institution a pioneer one in this field. The very sovereign Dhanwanthari Maharaj dictates Dr. Gopikaremanan and his family treats where the very beautiful “nature” cures. The calm and silent atmosphere and the blessed beautiful nature, adorned with a holy “Kavu” indeed make this hospital atmosphere nature´s cure center. Doctor´s every attention to the nuke and corner of this institution make it a different one. The sincere and heartfelt behavour of the subordinates especially the masseurs are very much laudable. May this institution acquire more and more fame and be an asylum to the intakers. May the almighty blesses more this marvelous Institution.

B. from Trivandrum – 2016  

I am grateful to Dr. Gopikaremanan and his team for taking care of me these days. His expertise in diagnosing my problem and providing medication in the limited period of time I had, is appreciable. He has a very hardworking and dedicated staff who are always at our service. These girls have so much strength in their hands that they do magic on you. I bow a BIG thanks to them. The Madom is at a very calm and tranquil place which adds to the whole rejuvenation process. The place is well maintained and clean. Also the food is nice and homely. It gives altogether a homely atmosphere being away from home. Once again a big thanks to Doctor and his Team.

S. from Trivandrum – 2016  

A lot of thanks to the entire very nice and friendly staff of Geethanjali. The trust in Dr. Gopika´s treatment was rewarded by a much better health condition now. The massages were very good and relaxing, executed by the competent staff. The food was a real surprise. It was just excellent! We will miss it a lot.

P. & M. from Switzerland – 2016  

Thank you very much for all friendliness in your house and the very good treatments which are perfectly done in the original way. The treatments are very healthy for us and we relaxed more and more. Now we feel very healthy for the next year. We enjoyed very much to come back after only one year (for the 6th and 7th time) and we plan to be back next year at the same time. For all this we are deeply thankful.

L. & E. from Germany – 2016  

First I want to say thank you to all in this house. The girls who were fulfilling every wish I had, smiling all the time, continuously friendly. Thanks to Dr. Gopika and his whole family. They always made me feeling home and familiary. Always answering my questions and finding time to talk. The treatments were great and I could fill up my batteries and relax. Thank you for staying and see you in about 4 years!

R. from Austria – 2016 

To everybody in this house I want to say 1´000 thanks. The treatments with oil and milk were so good. Thank you very much Dr. Gopika, also the girls who do so well. Smile all day long. The food was delicious. The days beginning with Yoga were just very good. Inside and outside I am very relaxed. It´s a very peaceful place.

G. from Germany – 2016  

This was my first visit to India and my first intensive experience to Ayurveda treatment. I really enjoyed the competent and pleasant treatment and care, so gentle and considerate. I am going to miss the tasty meals and delicious, ripe fruits.

S. from Germany – 2016  

Special thanks for: The skilled massage, full of loving, caring energy, the inspiring yoga, clear and friendly, the delicious meals, so tasty and healthy, the medical consultations, wise and caring, the beauty of the house and garden, the many smiles J, Malus caring visits. Although you go through a hard and painful time with the sudden loss of dearest Geetha – I find this place blooming more than ever. Thank you very single person to give her/his best, to be full-hearted engaged in helping us to find healing. I am deeply grateful for these 3 weeks cared by angels.

C. from Germany – 2015   

You took care of my body (and me) like I have experienced it only in the early childhood. Your unitive approach to health, massage, medicine, food as well as yoga and your overwhelming friendliness are a wonderful gift for which I am full of gratitude. Thanks to you I found a new inner balance and I leave this little tropical paradise feeling relaxed in body and mind and confident to continue my way to creation, wisdom and love. Warmest wishes for you all.

H. from India – 2015 

Thank you for the outstanding performances during our stay at Geethanjali, for the excellent treatments, the tasty food, the friendliness and your loving care. We wish you all the best for the future.

G. & R. from Germany – 2015 

Our deepest appreciation and thank to all of your highly qualified treatments! It simply is a bliss being take care of the Geethanjali crew. Ashwathy and Jincy: our deepest respect on your strong commitment, your caring way of touching people (physically and mentally) and your high knowledge. Many thanks to all the girls, you all are simply lovely and so caring!

N. & N. from Switzerland – 2015 

It was an indescribably luck to give our health in these responsible hands. From the first day on we had the feeling, that everybody here gives his very best treating us as tenderly as possible. For all this we are deeply thankful.

F. & R. from Germany – 2015