Our Legacy 

Sri. Narayanan Vaidyan: Practised Vaidyam and Astrology together who passed the divine ordeal to his 3 sons: Vasudevan, Lekshmanan and Karunakaran and died at the age of 108. 

Sri. Karunakaran Vaidyan: The youngest of the three known as ‘Vaidyakalanidhi’ is the father of Dr. Gopikaremanan. 

Dr. K. Gopikaremanan: The third successor of this generation and the pioneer of Geethanjali Ayurveda Madom stepped into the field from his younger age assisting his father Karunakaran Vaidyan. Parallel he studied Sanskrit to absorb the depth of Ayurveda from the manuscripts. The dedicated quench and respect in the field led him to have a scientific academic level too and had Bachelor Degree in Ayurveda (BAM) from University of Kerala. 

The traditional knowledge is kept enlightened by passing the secrets and experiences of Ayurveda to the fourth generation combined with academic excellence. 

Dr. Manish Gopikaremanan: Following his father´s footsteps completed his graduation with the title Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and was pursuing his specialisation in Salya Tantra (which includes Ayurvedic Surgery-Orthopedics, Marma Chikitsa and Panchakarma). 

Dr. Malavika Gopikaremanan: Stepped into her ancestral path after her graduation as Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. She is a Fellow in Neurological Rehabilitation (Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad) 


Our Guardian Angels 

Mr. Hans Muller: The traditional knowledge of Geethanjali family was brought to limelight by Mr. Hans Muller who was the motivator for Dr. K. Gopikaremanan to start with this venture to provide unique healing experience of Ayurveda to international patients. He departed us in 2006 and after his demise his wife Yvonne took over the responsibility of our marketing wing. 

Mrs. Geetha Gopikaremanan: The pioneer Managing Director of Geethanjali Ayurveda Madom and wife of Dr. K. Gopikaremanan completed her Post Graduation in Geology and was the project scientist at Centre for Earth Science Studies, Govt. of India. She dropped her profession and became the leader of her husband´s passion. Her vision was the success code of Geethanjali. She departed us in 2015 after setting up this unique venture which continues to be her everlasting memory.


Our Team 

Dr. K. Gopikaremanan, Chief Physician and Patron

Dr. Manish Gopikaremanan, Managing Director

Dr. Malavika Gopikaremanan, Medical Director

Mrs. Yvonne Pirzer who is a part of Geethanjali family living in Europe provides booking assistance to our foreign patients and handles our International Marketing wing. 

They are supported by a 15 member team consisting of expert Yoga Consultant, trained Panchakarma therapists, nursing staffs, attenders, personal care staffs etc.